Filipe Duarte

Designer and developer

with 17 years of experience finding creative solutions.

My name is Filipe Duarte.

About me

Since the beginning of my career, design and programming have gone hand in hand.

Even in my first internship in graphic design back in 2006, I had to learn PHP on my own to develop the company's website.

Two years later, at Quatro Seniors Informática, the connection between the two areas intensified, and I progressed even more in this journey by exploring UI design, going deeper into PHP, learning MySQL, and discovering JavaScript.

In 2010, I joined the uRock agency, where I had the opportunity to work in various areas such as brand design, motion design, instructional design, as well as creating websites in WordPress and some web apps. The promotion to Arts Coordinator and, shortly after, entry into partnership further strengthened the synergy between creativity and code.

Currently, I am keeping an eye out for new opportunities, seeking to explore more deeply new ways of combining design and development.

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My work

These are some of my most recent projects.


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